Q: What ages do you train for boxing?

A: Our current members range from ages 8 to 55. March 22, 2014 I witnessed a 71 year old box in the Ringside Masters Championship Tournament. By the way, our boxer, Joe Lauricella, won his division.

Q: Is there a contract?

A: No. The agreement is cancellable with a 30 day writte notice.

Q: Do you train women, too?

A: Absolutely.

Q: Do you have showers?

A: Yes

Q: What equipment do I need?

A: Initially, you can use our bag gloves, however, you must purchase your own bag gloves eventually. The only equipment you must have are your own handwraps, jump rope, and gym bag. All beginners must have either white or pink handwraps. Bag gloves, training gloves, handwraps, and jump ropes may be purchased at the gym.

Q: Do I have to compete to workout at Dyme Boxing & Fitness?

A: Of course not. Most members do not box competitively or spar. Neither competing or sparring is a requirement at our gym, however, you can still get a great workout! When our members spar, it is always under the supervision of a professional trainer.

Q: Do you have a program for beginners?

A: Yes. All levels are welcome.

Q: What kind of workout is it?

A: The concept is to train alongside our pros and competitive amateurs to get in shape as they do. The workout is fast paced and effective. Each member is taught the basic offensive and defensive skills first. As the skills increase, the intensity of the workout increases. Along with push-ups, plyometrics, and various abdominal drills, the work-out is great for those looking to be lean and toned. To break up the monotony, expect to be surprised by our instructors to what exercises you will be doing each time.

Q: May I visit Dyme Boxing & Fitness so I can see if the gym is going to be for me?

A: All potential Dyme Boxers are encouraged to visit. This will give an opportunity to not only observe the gym and training environment, but also observe firsthand the demands of training at Dyme Boxing & Fitness. Call 704.336.9323 to schedule a time.

Q: Is the "No Contract" real or just a sales pitch?

A: It is not a sales pitch. You will pay monthly and will not sign a contract. Your payment is debited every month from your checking or savings account and you can cancel at anytime. Simply stop into the gym and fill out a simple no questions asked cancellation form and that’s it.

Dyme Boxing & Fitness

5033 South Boulevard,

Unit A,

Charlotte, NC 28217

Phone. 704.910.6852

Email. info@dymeboxing.com