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 Boxing is a sport that encourages discipline, while strengthening mental and physical development. Dyme Boxing & Fitness is a gym that fosters these values and encourages individuals of all ages to embrace the "sweet science" of boxing. The goal of Dyme Boxing & Fitness is to provide members with the skills of a professional boxer, while focusing on the importance and benefits of fitness. Since professional and amateur boxers train at Dyme Boxing & Fitness, non-competition members have access to the same high level training . With fitness being the primary focus for most members, Dyme Boxing & Fitness is designed to offer a flexible training schedule, deliver workouts that focus on developing your strength, endurance and agility, while providing an environment that promotes healthy living. 



Unlimited Gym Membership

Gym Membership requires a $50 initiation fee  and $135 a month thereafter. The $50 fee includes boxing gloves, handwraps, and a Dyme Boxing & Fitness t-shirt. Membership gives  access to our full-service gym, boxing  instruction, boxing classes, and assistance as needed.

Membership Discounts 

Reduced rates are available for members under the age of 18. 

Reduced rates are also available for active members of the armed forces and first responders.

Discounts: Must be present with valid ID to sign up for and receive the Teacher, Military, Fire, Police discounted memberships 

Corporate/Group Rates: Minimum of 5 athlete sign-ups required to receive these specialty rates

Family members: Each additional family membership rate is $100 per person.

For more information please email:


Boxing Fitness Class Rates*

  1 Sessions   (Expires in 30 Days) $20 

5 Sessions  (Expires in 45 Days)  $80 

10 Sessions  (Expires in 60 Days)  $150 

25 Sessions  (Expires in 90 Days)  $300 

50 Sessions (Expires in 6 Months) $500

*Gym membership is not required for boxing fitness classes.


Minimum age required to train is 8 years old.

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.


Personal training rates are also available.  


We accept all major credit cards.



Dyme Boxing & Fitness

5033 South Boulevard,

Unit A,

Charlotte, NC 28217

Phone. 704.910.6852